October 26, 2010
Where I get my news

I love global issues, what is going on, the great and the horrible, the beautiful and the sad.  To keep relatively updated I have relied for the past three years mainly on google.com/news.  I love the access to thousands of sources and I often find myself having fun reading about the same issue by two different publications.  It is interesting to see what is included or kept out in each.  Over time I became more reliant on certain providers, whether because I like their style of writing or just their website presentation.  I enjoy the technicality and poshness of Reuters, the simplicity of google hosted Associated Press, and for some reason the Christian Science Monitor has headlines that catch my eye.  Although I still ADORE google news, I decided I should invest in becoming an audience member of a couple publications, of course I will constantly refer to the internet for quick and up-to-date stories, and maintain my stance that a holistic view from many sources is needed to form an opinion, but I decided to subscribe to TIME Magazine and The Economist.  Today I received my first editions!  TIME is about “How to restore the American Dream” and The Economist is about China’s new leader.  I can’t wait to spend hours pouring over them in the coming days- and I am sure that they will spark many posts here.

Where do you guys get your news from?

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