March 20, 2012
Eating and Being Eaten in Thailand


We just got back to our hostel in Bangkok after probably our weirdest dinner.  It said, “BBQ and Seafood Buffet” but that didn’t really prepare us for what we had to do.  For two hours we were allowed to select any meat or seafood from a market-like room and then cook it ourselves on one of two types of stoves we had at our table.  Since neither of us are particularly expert chefs- especially of sea snails, crabs, and cured meat- we had to have our waitress explain which stove we should use for each type of meat, and how long to cook it for.  It made for a really fun experience even though the food wasn’t the tastiest we’ve had.  It was also comical interacting with the waitress without a common language, and our neighbors laughed along with us as we tried to figure everything out.  All in all, I enjoyed my last Thai meal!


In Thailand I have gotten a few massages.  I first had a traditional Thai one, where the masseuse puts you in crazy poses and pulls and pushes every part of your body.  Then I had an aromatherapy oil massage which is like the Thai but with oils and more sliding rather than pushing.  My third massage, which I got today in Pattaya was by far the strangest.  Unlike the other two, it was only my feet, and instead of one masseuse, there were hundreds.  Hundreds of small little masseuses… fish.  Today I got a foot massage by sucker fish!  It was the weirdest sensation of my life.  You put your feet into an aquarium and immediately all of these fish start eating off the dead skin!  I can’t even begin to explain what it felt like but I can say for sure that I will not be going back again. 

Although neither activity was particularly enjoyable, mediocre food and a slightly uncomfortable massage, I still love trying new things and never saying “no” to an opportunity to experience life in a different way!